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My name is Hilary Farmer. I am an artist who lives on the west coast of Canada and I work primarily in watercolours, ink, and oil paints.

I was pretty much born with a pencil in my fingers and was encouraged in all things artistic as I grew up – gradually progressing to watercolours, acrylic and oil paints. A career in architecture shifted my focus for a while but I have returned to my roots creating artworks that explore the beauty in the world around and the mysteries of the world within. You may also see some influence from my time spent studying in Asia.

If my work speaks to you, helps you sense a moment of connection and joy, well that’s what I am aiming for! Please don’t hesitate to send me a message via my Contact page!

My site also operates as my own store front where I sell some of my work. Please head over to The Shop for more info on my work that is available for purchase.

Many of my paintings, mandalas and ink drawings have inspired wonderful poetry by T J Radcliffe.

For more information, to see my art as it is produced, and to read the poems, see my blog Green Tea Doodles.